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With over 70 years experience, our mission is to use technology to develop innovative solutions and services which exceed our customer's expectations.  To achieve sustainable year on year growth through providing quality and innovative products and services.  We will provide a strong market message that will be provide our clients with confidence and trust that their needs will be met in full.  Total customer satisfaction will be the heart beat of the business.  Founded in 1950, Todd Research has a proud history of designing, manufacturing and supplying X-ray scanners, metal detectors and blast suppression equipment across a diverse range of public and private market channels.  In recent years we have our customer base into the Aviation Sector in particular the Aviation logistics supply chain.  We have provided X-ray machines from small conveyor machines for screening loose items to machines capable of screening full size pallets.  Our latest product is a purpose built X-ray machine used to screening Airline Carts.

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+44 (0)7774 5087771

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