Leading voice for our members in the UK


Strengthen BAG’s position as the leading airport supply chain

The World Leading Capability theme will strengthen BAG’s position as the leading airport supply chain representative organisation in the UK and overseas. Together the UK’s aviation supply chain companies generate well-paid jobs, world class exports and sustainable growth in every region and nation of the country.

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  • Leading voice for our members in the UK
  • The airport supply chain organisation of choice for UK government
  • The most attractive airport supply chain organisation for overseas clients and partners

The key points in developing the World Leading Capability theme are:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of member capabilities and engagement across the world.
  • Encourage members to differentiate their products and services compared to UK competitors.
  • Broaden BAG Secretariat’s knowledge of member capabilities.
  • Develop case studies and/or other resources that show cases member capabilities.
  • Continue to develop relationship with UK Department for Business and Trade and other government agencies to channel communication of member capabilities.

The project life cycle

Our membership capabilities have been structured around these project stages, called the Pillars. The overall programme of a project has a number of stages, i.e. Pillars:

Strategic Advice

Business strategy
Environmental impact assessment
Planning advice
Acquisition advice
Capacity assessment
Legal advice
Contracts/ PPP
Financial strategy
Commercial strategy
Procurement strategy


Airport planning
Architectural design
Interior design
Retail planning and design
Civil engineering
Building Engineering
Cost management
Baggage and Cargo systems
Airspace design/ ATC
Surface transport
Communication systems
Security systems
Fuel systems


Construction management
Programme management
Cost management
Logistics management
Supply chain delivery management
Skills transfer & training
Health and Safety
Quality management

Equipment Supply

Airside navigational aids
Aircraft maintenance equipment
Airside lighting
Airside vehicles
Runway maintenance vehicles
Fuel systems
Fire protection equipment
Security equipment including body scanners
Baggage systems including security screening equipment
Terminal furniture including airport seating
Lounge design and bespoke furniture
Retail concession design and bespoke furniture
Car park rapid transit vehicles


ORAT – operational readiness
Operational strategy
Operations management
Skills and training
Retail concession management
IT/ Airport systems management