Transition to a zero carbon aviation sector


Perceived ESG risk

The decarbonsation and energy transition theme focus clearly relates to the transition from current practice to a zero carbon aviation sector. This theme encompasses all aspects of our industry from airport development and the resultant built assets through to operational activity.

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For this theme, the key points noted to date are;

  • How do we support/collaborate with other segments of the aviation sector in the pursuit of decarbonisation and energy transition goals?
  • What initiatives/innovation activity can we engage in to contribute to the journey to more sustainable assets and operations?
  • How can we liaise with other industries including energy and other forms of transportation/infrastructure to maximise efficiency and accelerate progress?
  • Where can we lend our voice to positively influence policy makers and other actors in the industry?

It is clear that all of our members have value to offer in this arena as a sustainable sector relies on every component changing and, as highlighted from the COP26 conference, an integrated approach is the only way to succeed.

There are many groups in industry formed to support the decarbonisation and energy transition sector including the Jet Zero Council, Sustainable Aviation and Connected Places Catapult. Broader organisations such as AOA, the Aviation Council and Airlines UK clearly have decarbonisation and energy transition as a priority objective and we need to understand others current activity and future plans to support co-ordination and to complement with our own community’s skills, experience and capacity.