Environment and Sustainability
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Our Vision

The aviation industry has, over the years supported the operations of businesses and communities across the globe. BAG and its members recognise that in order to continue to do this, the aviation industry must embrace a new normal and achieve environmental, social and economic sustainability. Specifically:

  • We understand that challenges of the 21st Century mean that the aviation sector must immediately develop a clear and transparent path to achieving a sustainable aviation future.
  • By 2050, the industry must be able to tackle the challenge of achieving net zero carbon operations as well as embracing energy transition and moving towards wider use of sustainable aviation fuels.
  • At BAG we believe that a sustainable aviation sector can only come if the industry demonstrates a clear commitment to achieving a broad suite of sustainable development goals with economic, social and environmental wellbeing at the heart of 21st Century operations.
  • BAG members can help achieve this and are able to support the aviation industry, using their considerable expertise in fields such as sustainable design, climate change adaptation, community engagement and environmental planning to deliver first class projects at all stages of the airport sectors lifecycle.

To find a UK company that fulfils your requirements, please select your desired sustainability capability in our Sustainability Capability Members matrix.

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Environment and Sustainability – World leading supply chain expertise

In 2021, BAG launched its new Sustainability Brochure, “Environment and Sustainability – World leading supply chain expertise”. This essential promotional document which highlights Our Vision – Drivers of change in the aviation industry can be downloaded here.

Decarbonisation & Energy Transition is one of BAG’s Key Themes for this year. The decarbonsation and energy transition theme focus clearly relates to the transition from current practice to a zero carbon aviation sector. This theme encompasses all aspects of our industry from airport development and the resultant built assets through to operational activity.

  • How do we support/collaborate with other segments of the aviation sector in the pursuit of decarbonisation and energy transition goals?
  • What initiatives/innovation activity can we engage in to contribute to the journey to more sustainable assets and operations?
  • How can we liaise with other industries including energy and other forms of transportation/infrastructure to maximise efficiency and accelerate progress?
  • Where can we lend our voice to positively influence policy makers and other actors in the industry?

It is clear that all of our members have value to offer in this arena as a sustainable sector relies on every component changing and, as highlighted from the COP conferences, an integrated approach is the only way to succeed.

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Common Voice and Government Engagement

BAG is a full member of Sustainable Aviation and participates in all Working Groups regularly.

BAG has been successful in getting as seat on the Jet Zero Council Zero Emissions Flight Delivery Group as well as the related Infrastructure Sub-Group.

Other key organisations and bodies:

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Highlights of BAG Activities

  • BAG Members Day & Networking Reception – Decarbonisation and Energy Transition, 19 October 2023
  • BAG lead on the Sustainable Infrastructures panel session at the Sustainable Skies World Summit at Farnborough International, 18 April 2023
  • BAG participates in the 3rd Jet Zero Council Zero Emission Delivery Group meeting at Cranfield University, 23 January 2023
  • BAG Sustainable Technologies Deep Dive Workshop, 2 November 2022
  • BAG Members Day & Networking Reception – Sustainability and Innovation, 10 March 2022

What our members say

Marie/Denis, Mad4
One of last week’s highlights was attending the BAG Summer Seminar and evening reception. We found that it was very engaging, very well organised, venue was spot on and everyone was so friendly. Loved engaging with everyone in such a relaxed environment, lots of funny stories were shared. Particularly liked meeting with likeminded professional problem solvers like ourselves.
Marie Wehrly, MAD4 Business Ltd
Paula – Mentoring Proigramme
“The BAG mentoring programme has been a game changer in my professional life. Having a mentor has helped me believe in myself, with my self-confidence and to see things from a different perspective. My mentor challenges me on what is needed and encourages and supports me as well. It is great to be able to have an honest and open discussion with someone who has been through similar experiences and learn from her. I wish everyone could have a chance to have such a mentor!”
Paula Pontes, MAG
“‘Thank you British Aviation Group for your leadership in inclusivity and this spotlight on #femaleleadership! and your continuous support and recognition for Women pushing boundaries across all Industries!’”
Andrea Wu, urban-Air Port Ltd