Transition to a zero carbon aviation sector


Encompasses all aspects of our industry

The Automation and Digital theme focus is around improving the performance of aviation assets, creating resilience within airport operations and improving the passenger journey.

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Automation and Digital Theme

From the perspective of the Automation and Digital Theme the key points are:

  • How do we deliver better?
  • How do we deliver better outcomes?
  • How do we broaden the range of outcomes?
  • The requirement to pull in other technological aspects (maybe further down the line)

If we look at this through the lens of what is digital automation, for example: digital process automation brings together people, applications, device and information across organisations or entities to produce agile and digital solutions. Digital process automation is often referred to as the next generation or evolution of business process management (BPM). Like BPM, digital process automation focuses on improving and digitising the processes in an operational environment. However, digital process automation extends a bit further, to enable an entity to build smart apps and digitise processes — creating an engaging digital experience for customers/passengers.

Therefore, taking the above Automation & Digital aspirations into the aviation environment, how can we support and influence, as BAG, the industry evolution of, for example: an enhanced passenger journey, a more resilient operational environment and a greater environmentally efficient operation, by the use of digital solutions and automated processes i.e. deliver better and wider range of outcomes to give increased benefits to clients and customers.