Our Business Intelligence Centre WikiBAG is the central location for all members to share business related opportunities.
Offers the latest information on airport projects across the world, bringing together intelligence gathered from Members, missions, and our network of airport and aviation contacts.

Provides comprehensive overview of potential programmes and projects from planning to operation and will keep Members ahead of the game when identifying potential opportunities.
Sales Leads & Tenders are also available for BAG Members

“…if we can share knowledge, share the data in the way of programmes, projects being undertaken, right from master plan through to delivery and handover, these opportunities can help all BAG members…. there are a number of suppliers and a number manufactures that are doing some great work, very innovative work in the industry and for me to be able to get them meeting clients, being able to see the opportunities are for them, not only in the UK industry but world-wide, meets massive benefits…”

Tim Walder, TWW Solutions – BAG Deputy Chair

Please note that WikiBAG will only be available to BAG members. For more information about BAG and the various benefits we offer our members, please go here to apply to join BAG. If you have a project or programme that you feel would be of interest to our members, please contact the BAG team with further details.

Access WikiBAG

The Business Intelligence & Missions Working Groups were asked by the BAG Board to try and collect as much intelligence as they can to gather on what is happening in the market. The Board agreed to focus these discussions onto the following topics:

  • What’s happening at UK airports. We are hearing of capital plans being put back. When might some of those come back, in what form etc.
  • What’s happening in the International markets, particularly in the priority markets we set for this year in discussion with DBT. Based on what we learn should we be resetting those priorities or focusing on other opportunities
  • We are publishing regular Business Intelligence Updates which are released via the BAG website and shared with our membership.