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Avtura’s Real-time Aircraft Turnaround Tool (RATT™) was designed specifically to assist with meeting this challenge and to help manage the ground handling process effectively and efficiently. It’s a user friendly tool with simple to use graphical screen prompts. It was designed to deliver time stamps for each of the turnaround services and can be tailored for different flight profiles. Colour-coded alerts are pushed to the device to highlight potential problems and are graduated to clearly show their importance. All this data collection is available in real-time so that Operations Control can make informed decisions, yet all the data is stored and delivered retrospectively to enable full data management, reporting and analysis. Capturing the data as the event unfolds also ensures accurate information for billing purposes. During the winter period when adverse weather adds yet another significant challenge to the turnaround of aircraft, improved management of de-icing resources can have a significant impact on reducing delays. Avtura’s latest mobile solution, D-ICE™, is a real-time management tool designed specifically for use by de-icing operators, which can be used to efficiently allocate de-icing events and accurately capture event data in real-time across the entire airport operations. Enabling real-time data communications between de-icing rigs and the airport operations allow for accurate and timely updates to enable effective coordination of Adverse Weather Operations in an A-CDM environment. De-icing Operators gain real-time operational awareness of all de-icing operations and highly accurate data capture and timestamps of all aspects of the de-icing procedure, meaning timely and transparent billing capability. Further benefits include immediate provision of Hold Over Times, which can be delivered via ACARS direct to the cockpit and the capture of real-time imagery as evidence of aircraft state prior to de-icing operations to enable operational decision making and support any ancillary billing. Avtura deliver effective operational mobile solutions for the aviation industry, with a particular focus on airport/airline ramp operations where there continues to be a general lack of technology usage and where our data gathering and management tools, coupled with simple user interfaces, are welcomed and acknowledged as operational “game-changers”.

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