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AV RATT® turnaround tool is used to electronically manage all turnaround activities, enabling you to proactively address issues and improve on time performance. Seamless integration with all other airport systems via AV A2i to automate timestamps be it from DCS, BRS, ACARS, Ai Cameras or other systems to provide the most accurate and real-time picture of the turnaround at all times; hence improving ground time performance and the ability to auto-predict and adhere to A-CDM T-OBT calculations. Hence benefitting the airline, airport, ground handlers and most importantly – passengers.


AV D-ICE enables de-icing service providers to electronically manage all de-icing events across their operations. Recording and allocating de-icing requests. Recording all activities completed, including image capture. Automatically updating the operations system. Delivering an automated anti-icing message to the aircraft flight deck.  Designed specifically for use by de-icing service providers, airlines, and airports to automate and significantly improve the efficiency of airport de-icing operations, improving bottom line profits, and reducing the customer and reputational impact of poor weather.


AV BILLING Billing and invoicing is automated – no more need to spend hours manually entering tasks completed. Automated capture of turn types, ancillary services, bonus and rebates as well as disbursements. Ensuring improved invoice accuracy, increased revenues and reduced debtor days; whilst enhancing the partnership between ground handlers and their airline customers.


 AV A2i™   this is Avtura’s complete airport integration architecture utilising the AV A2i API layer to integrate multiple data sources and systems into one seamless data lake enabling us to provide a real-time consistent look and feel across various tailored UI’s and dashboards delivered to multiple stakeholders. Allowing all stakeholders across the operation be it airlines, ground handlers, airports, or other service providers personnel to see what they need to see when they need to see it.  Right information, at the right time to the right place!


AV CLEAN™  Cabin Cleaning - improved management of the cleaning process, tailored to the Customer’s needs, to ensure a consistent approach to the cleaning process. Providing accountability and auditing of all cabin cleans including extra sanitisation processes to account for Covid-19 cleaning acceptance. Availability of a cleaning declaration code for sanitised flights including chemical type, quantity, and areas completed which can be sent to the aircraft via ACARS or EFB to provide the crew information for the destination airport.  Water Service - full management of the potable water and toilet water services, including the potable water declaration to ensure adherence to IATA Regulations, including the latest water sample lab result. Ability to monitor and record tank levels and uplift to enable the airline to benefit from weight and cost reduction. Data analytics to provide detailed information for planning purposes across flight sectors and PAX loads.

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