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Urban-Air Port Limited designs, develops, manufactures, sells and operates ground, air and digital infrastructure for new forms of sustainable urban air transport such as air taxis and autonomous delivery drones. 


Its mission is to remove the largest single constraint to sustainable air mobility – ground infrastructure – In order to create a zero-emission mobility ecosystem that will significantly cut congestion and air pollution from passenger and cargo transport. Recognised as a world leader in the Advanced Air Mobility sector, it utilises best-in-class design, technology & manufacturing, to deliver fully connected iconic architecture that is modular, scalable, re-usable and flat-packed; incorporating autonomous systems and renewables.


Urban-Air Port recently completed the launch of Air One, a world-first demonstration of its vertiport technology in Coventry City Centre, UK, with plans to deploy over 200 vertiports worldwide in the next five years.

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c/o Canny & Associates,
30 Moorgate,

Tel: +44 (0)7967 825912

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  • Ricky Sandhu, Founder & Director

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