Airport Technology - Jasleen Mann

ZeroAvia has partnered with Liquid Hydrogen (LH₂) transportation company Absolut Hydrogen in order to explore LH₂ production, storage, and refueling.

The development of robust airport infrastructure will lead to the powering up to 80 seat aircraft by 2027.

Liquefaction and liquid hydrogen storage will be built for airports to explore technology developments, concept of operations, safety procedures, and standards for larger-scale deliveries of LH₂ to aircraft.

Absolut Hydrogen has experience in developing LH₂ systems for heavy duty mobility for aeronautical, maritime, and land applications.

The company will offer a full LH₂ product range, including an entry small scale hydrogen liquefaction system (<50 kg/day), a 100 kg/day Turbo-Brayton based Hydrogen liquefier, and a 1 tonne/day liquefier ZeroAvia’s first certified powertrains for up to 19 seat aircraft are expected to be powered by gaseous hydrogen.

The 2 MW-5.4 MW modular powertrain for 40-80 seat aircraft, ZA2000, will require LH₂ for its estimated entry into service in 2027.

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