Sustainable meal tray concept from PriestmanGoode


Prior to the Covid-19 public health crisis we were beginning to see traction around the development of sustainable products and services in the aviation industry. As a response to Covid, consumers are now seeking additional assurances around hygiene and safety across the passenger experience, but the desire for a greener sector has not waned. Indeed, if anything, it is gathering momentum as governments and businesses the world over urge for green economic recovery plans. 


We firmly believe that we can continue to build on the progress we had made whilst addressing the greater need for increased levels of hygiene. From developing antimicrobial and antibacterial finishes, to rethinking touch screen technology through the airport journey and onboard, as well as the wider option of voice and gesture control, we are working with our clients to explore ways in which we can address both short term needs and long term requirements across the passenger journey and the broader hospitality sector.