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There has been significant disruption at UK airports, with flights cancelled and long queues ahead of the long weekend.

But there is disagreement between the government and industry about the cause of the problems.

Airlines UK, the industry body for airlines registered in the UK, said airlines cut about 30,000 jobs during the pandemic, having employed 74,000 people in 2019.

Thousands of jobs were also cut from airports and aviation support activities, which used to employ another 66,000 people.

It takes longer to replace airport staff than other workers because they need security clearance from the Civil Aviation Authority and the government.

There have been reports that the vetting is taking considerably longer than the 14 weeks it usually takes, but the Cabinet Office told BBC News: "There are absolutely no delays to security vetting of applicants. It is wrong to suggest otherwise and we are prioritising vetting applications from the aviation industry."

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