Simple Flying - Justin Hayward

Gatwick's South Terminal came first, but there was one before that as well.

London Gatwick Airport is the second busiest airport in the UK. It lies to the south of the capital and operates today as a single runway airport with two terminals - the North Terminal and the South Terminal. It has, over time, had three terminals - one added in 1936, the second in 1958, and the third in 1988.

The airport remains the same today, with the older South Terminal and the newer North Terminal. There have been extensions to both terminals (most notably with a major extension project in 2000 and an extension of the baggage reclaim area in 2005). A major new addition was also made to the South Terminal in 2016. A new "Pier 1" facility, costing £186 million, added a new baggage system and bag storage area, five new aircraft stands, and a new lounge area.

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