New Civil Engineer - Rob Hakimian

The States of Guernsey will vote on whether to move ahead with plans to expand and refurbish the airport on the island of Alderney at an inflated cost of £24M, double the £12M sum agreed in 2019.

The plan is known is Option C+ and will involve resurfacing, widening and strengthening the asphalt runway, as well as constructing a new terminal and refurbishing the airport fire station. Both buildings are over 50 years old and will need replacement or refurbishment in the next few years in any case, which has been estimated at £4.5M if carried out separately to the airport renewal project.

Despite the inflated cost, Alderney’s Policy & Finance Committee says the project would be an “economic enabler” for the island, resulting in a considerable increase in its taxation contribution to the Bailiwick of Guernsey. The modernised airport will also facilitate the delivery of other benefits to Alderney, including more resilient air links and full medical evacuation capability.

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