UK Civil Aviation Authority

07 March 2024

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has published a new strategy setting out how it will achieve its new mission: “Protecting people, enabling aerospace”.

The strategy will underpin the organisation’s vision to enable a safe, secure, and sustainable aviation and aerospace sector while protecting consumers and the public.

It sets out five key focus areas to set strategic direction and help the regulator to achieve its priorities. These will protect consumers and the public, enable aviation and aerospace to innovate and grow, develop relationships to improve standards globally, and support aviation to improve environmental sustainability.

The regulator’s focus will also remain on enhancing the organisation to ensure this strategy can be delivered, including through its customer experience programme,  recruiting new talent to build the next generation of aviation experts, and continuing to productively work with the government.

The strategy refocuses the organisation on its core values, established as doing the right thing, never stopping learning, building collaborative relationships, and respecting everyone. It also reflects recommendations set by both the International Civil Aviation Organisation and the government’s 2023 Arm’s Length Body Review of the Civil Aviation Authority.

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