Airport Operator Magazine - Spring

The Transport Secretary has promised to work with the aviation industry to “ensure it remains a core part of the UK’s sustainable economic future”.

Delivering the keynote speech at the Sustainable Skies World Summit at Farnborough Airport on 17 April, Mark Harper highlighted ongoing work to produce new technology and cleaner fuels.

He said “This government is a determined partner to the aviation industry – helping accelerate new technology and fuels, modernise their operations, and work internationally to remove barriers to progress. Together, we can set aviation up for success, continue harnessing its huge social and economic benefits, and ensure it remains a core part of the UK’s sustainable economic future”.

The Transport Secretary was speaking as the Jet Zero Council published its 2023-2024 plan to support the target of decarbonising the aviation sector by 2050. The plan sets out in detail how the council will work to speed up the design, manufacture, and rollout of zero emission aircraft and infrastructure at UK airports.

Emma Gilthorpe, Jet Zero Council CEO, said “The 2-year plan published today, building on recent government commitments to secure demand for sustainable aviation fuels in the UK, will ensure we continue to accelerate progress and achieve the Jet Zero Council’s objectives delivering 10% SAF in the UK fuel mix by 2030 and zero emission transatlantic flight within a generation”

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