Simple Flying - Nabeel Smith

There is a very good reason for the finely trimmed grass at most airports.

Have you ever wondered why airport runways are surrounded by so much grass? Or why the grass is cut to such a perfect length? After all, it would be much cheaper just to pave the entire thing and not have to maintain it. It turns out that there is actually an excellent reason why airports maintain such perfect grass, and it isn't just because it looks nice. Let's take a closer look at the precise art of managing grass length at airports.

One of the main reasons why the grass around runways at airports must be perfectly maintained is because of its potential to attract wildlife. Grass that is too short attracts various types of birds (such as geese) that feast on worms and bugs, while grass that is too long provides cover for predatory birds (like buzzards). Removing the grass altogether is also not an option since jet blasts from departing aircraft would simply kick dust into the air and decrease visibility. Finally, airports cannot pave over the grass because it would make it difficult for pilots to see the runway and easy for water to accumulate (grass absorbs water).

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