Yorkshire Post - Dan Fell, Louisa Harrison-Walker and Martin McKervey

Businesses that followed the Conservative leadership election over the summer could be forgiven for thinking that ‘levelling up’ has now been completely dropped from the government’s agenda.

Recent interventions by the new Government are welcome but there may yet be a need for further targeted interventions to ensure our region is not inadvertently levelled down by global events.

...the potential closure of Doncaster Sheffield Airport would be another hammer blow for the region. Businesses have made it clear to us that a strong and credible city region needs a strong regional airport. For almost two decades, DSA has been at the heart of our economic strategies as a catalyst for growth within a framework of environmentally sustainable development.

To achieve our full potential South Yorkshire needs first-class global connectivity for passengers and freight flowing into and out of our region. Were this international connectivity to be lost — after the changes to HS2, the closure of Sheffield City Airport and the loss of rail services to Manchester Airport — the attractiveness of South Yorkshire to international investors would surely be reduced. This is unacceptable.

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