The Airport Operator Magazine - Pages 14-16

Teesside International Airport is developing plans to pioneer the use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel as it kickstarts cargo services as part of the airport’s next big push.

The airport’s Managing Director, Phil Forster, told The Airport Operator that the ambitious plans were feasible because the Teesside region produces more than half of the UK’s entire hydrogen output and hydrogen can replace more expensive household waste as the key feedstock for the fuel.

This, along with the existing on-site fuel farm providing Jet A1 and AV-Gas, comes as efforts to drive cargo services at the airport gather momentum, with Teesside set to become a Border Control Point shortly. is possible to produce SAF from hydrogen, carbon dioxide and water, and Teesside International has a cluster of chemical firms on its doorstep. SAF produced in this way is likely to be much cheaper than the alternatives and could be a useful revenue-earner. It could be exported in bulk by ship to other countries, but it could also be used to entice new air operators into Teesside.

By Forster’s account, Teesside International Airport is “doing a huge push on renewable energy”. It has plans for an on-site solar farm and has also recently taken its ground-handling in-house. 

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