DUBAI, 14 November 2023 – A shift from fossil fuels to sustainable aviation fuels is possible, necessary and urgent in order to meet the air transport sector’s essential climate change commitments, according to aviation industry experts. As Governments prepare to meet in Dubai next week at the third Conference on Aviation and Alternative Fuels (CAAF/3), convened by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), a United Nations specialised agency, the industry has voiced its support for a transition away from fossil fuels.

Executive Director of the cross-industry Air Transport Action Group, Haldane Dodd said: “Last year, governments adopted one of the first net zero carbon goals for any global sector. Reaching this objective by 2050 is going to be a significant challenge, but one that is achievable if a collaborative effort is made. Vital to that net zero trajectory will be an energy transition in aviation, from today’s fossil fuels to an almost complete replacement with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) by 2050. As we also work on energy efficiency and new technology options, the CAAF/3 meeting will focus on SAF as the most crucial element of the net zero pathway.


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