South Korean Incheon Airport will be a strategic partner of the planned Central Transportation Hub. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who took part in the inauguration ceremony on February 26, said the cooperation is a new chapter in the history of the project and represents "a combination of ambition, experience and potential." According to the prime minister the transfer of knowledge, even at the stage of planning and design, is a huge development boost for Poland. Marcin Horała, the government's commissioner for the CPK, said that Poland has also signed an agreement with the Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. "These agreements set the framework for the development of our cooperation, which I believe will one day (…) bring more and more benefits to Poland and South Korea," Horała said. He added that Poland's new hub will be "the Far East's gateway to the European Union."

Poland's biggest infrastructure investment project, the CPK, will be a transit hub integrating air, rail, and road traffic 45 kilometres southwest of Warsaw. In its first phase, it should service 45 million passengers a year, but its capacity could eventually rise to 100 million. The first flights from the CPK can be expected in 2027, and the airport should become fully operational by the end of that year. #1143.7