Simple Flying - Linnea Ahlgren

The St. Fergus site could provide close to 1,000 jobs and become a key factor in the UK's jet-zero strategy.

Could Scotland become a leader in sustainable aviation fuel production? A bid from the North East Scotland Green Freeport says yes, and proposes to build a plant that would create up to 920 jobs and generate £133 million ($160 million) in GVA per year. This would make it a significant contributor to the UK's aviation decarbonization agenda: the jet zero strategy.

The North East Scotland Green Freeport is a collaborative effort by Aberdeen International Airport, the Port of Aberdeen, Aberdeen City Council, the Aberdeenshire Council, and the Peterhead Port Authority. The SAF production plant is suggested to be located in St Fergus, not far from the North Sea coast.

If given the go-ahead, the St Fergus site will be home to a facility that will create sustainable fuel from renewable sources, including household and post-recycling municipal waste and agricultural and forestry residues.

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