Insider - John Glover

The bosses behind Scotland's airports have called for the Scottish Government to reveal its planned “endgame” for the public ownership of Prestwick Airport.

Gordon Dewar, chief executive at Edinburgh Airport, and Brian McClean director of communications and sustainability at AGS Airports - which owns Glasgow and Aberdeen airports - were speaking at the Scottish Affairs Committee meeting.

Dewar said: “Pre-Covid, we were on the record talking about a subsidised airport that doesn’t live within the level playing field - it probably directly impacts Glasgow more, but it fundamentally skews what should be a competitive and fair playing field, whether you have a Covid crisis or not.

“Equally, from the point of view of a taxpayer, I’m still at quite a loss at what can be achieved with that level of subsidy.”

Prestwick Airport is receiving around £15m in subsidies from the Scottish Government, while improvements are made and a private buyer is sought. It is believed that Prestwick is also benefiting from rates relief and the cost of policing being waved.

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