Passenger Terminal Today
Dan Symonds

Dutch airport operator the Royal Schiphol Group has terminated its Pier A contract with the construction joint-venture Ballast Nedam/TAV following a series of delays and irreconcilable differences over the facility’s design.

Royal Schiphol Group awarded the contract to the Ballast Nedam/TAV joint venture in April 2018, with responsibility for the creating the main building, connecting it with the Pier B, installing the gatehouses with passenger bridges, and laying 57,000m2  of pavement for the aircraft stands. Commissioning of the new pier had initially been planned for the end of 2019.

The operator is now preparing a new tender procedure, putting the majority of the remaining scope of Pier A out to tender. Schiphol and the new contractors will agree a schedule for the delivery of the pier once the tender process has been completed.

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