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The new Terminal 1 is expected to be fully ready by 2028.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has provided San Diego County Regional Airport Authority with a Letter of Intent to award the San Diego International Airport (SAN) funding for up to US$110 million.

The total amount of US$110 million in funds will be available to the airport authority through FAA grants over a ten-year period and will be used for airfield improvements as part of the new Terminal 1 program, said SAN authorities in a statement.

San Diego airport is currently constructing a new T1 that will replace the current Terminal 1 “with a modern and efficient facility that will improve the airport experience and complete the transformation of San Diego’s air transportation gateway.” It is expected the new T1 to be fully ready by 2028. The first phase of the new project is set to be completed in 2025.

The grant will help pay for a series of airfield improvements, including new, redesigned taxiways and additional aircraft parking spots that will help reduce aircraft taxiing times and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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