Nicholas Cummins

San Diego has made plans to rebuild its 1960s terminal one, installing up to 30 new gates and tripling the capacity of the terminal.

The upgrade of the terminal one will be a significant upgrade. It will include:

  • A brand new terminal building with 1.2 million square feet of floor space. It will be split level with arrivals and baggage claim on the lower level, and departures and security on the upper level. There will be a new seating area with food stalls and shops.
  • 30 new gates (11 more than the original terminal)
  • Set aside space for a future transit station, potentially if the San Diego trolley is extended to reach the airport.
  • A new nearby 5,500-space parking garage.
  • Construction of a new second taxiway to help ease congestion on the single runway.
  • Numerous upgrades to local roads to remove incoming traffic to the airport.
  • A free shuttle bus service from the airport to the old town public transport hub.

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