Passenger Terminal Today - Elizabeth Baker

Following its testing period, Samarkand International Airport in the Republic of Uzbekistan has launched an e-gate border control system.

After testing, the Border Control Unit of the State Security Service chose to install the system at Samarkand International Airport. The automated border control system is based on biometric technologies. It provides for automatic identification of the person and creates a quick and safe border crossing process with minimal involvement of border control officers. The system incorporates document readers and high-resolution video cameras that carry out video surveillance and comparison of passengers’ biometric data with an identity document. Border Control and airport management company Air Marakanda have developed measures against unauthorized passage and algorithms to ensure single passage, plus recognition of luggage and items left unattended. The project is expected to increase tourism potential by speeding the flow of passengers through passport control while making the process more comfortable and convenient for visitors and eliminating the potential for human error. The e-gate software and hardware system has been developed by an Uzbekistan company under contract with the border troops of the State Security Service. As part of the border control system, the technology expands the system’s capabilities and can be used at air, road, sea and pedestrian checkpoints.

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