Simple Flying - Dillon Shah

31 March 2024 

There is no ban on night flights, but limits will be gradually introduced.

Tensions appeased or reignited? The Flemish government has renewed Brussels Airport's environmental permit, which has wreaked debate over the country over the last week. Attempts to reconcile the airport's environmental footprint and future growth ambitions became increasingly tricky, meaning Flemish Minister for the Environmental Zuhal Demir had her work cut out.

As Simple Flying reported last week, solutions on the environmental side included the banning of night flights and limits on the types of planes used, notably in the early hours. In contrast, the airport and other business-oriented actors pointed to the importance of Zaventem Airport in contributing to the Belgian economy.

Belgium is divided into three regions: Flanders (Dutch-speaking), the Brussels-Capital Region, and Wallonia (French-speaking). Despite its name. Brussels International Airport is located in Flanders, while Brussels Charleroi – the secondary, primarily low-cost airport – is in Wallonia.

Flanders is responsible for the airport's environmental permit, issued in 2004 and put up for renewal given its expiration on July 8 this year.

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