Airport Technology

The deal will help Australia produce SAF locally.

Airbus and Australian flag carrier Qantas have agreed to invest up to $200m to expedite the development of the sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) sector in Australia.

The deal will help Australia produce SAF locally, instead of exporting feedstock, including canola and animal tallow, to be made into SAF in other countries.

Qantas has committed to using 10% of SAF in its overall fuel mix by 2030 and is currently sourcing SAF from overseas markets, including 20 million litres annually for flights from Los Angeles and San Francisco, US, to Australia from 2025 as well as 15% of its fuel from London, UK.

The two companies agreed to work together on the sustainability element of Qantas’ most recent orders, which are certified to run with 50% SAF.

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