Passenger Terminal Today - Dan Symonds

Delta Air Lines has partnered with tech startup Misapplied Sciences to launch the first-ever Parallel Reality beta experience for customers at Detroit Metropolitan Airport, Michigan, beginning June 29.

First debuted at CES in 2020, the Parallel Reality display enables up to 100 customers to simultaneously see personalized content tailored to their unique journey on a single digital screen. Customers who opt into the experience will see customized flight and wayfinding information. Each viewer will get a unique and personalized experience, even as they stand next to dozens of other viewers enjoying their own uniquely personalized experiences.

The new technology has been installed in Concourse A of the McNamara Terminal, just past the security checkpoint. Customers departing from DTW will be able to experience the technology and share their input directly with Delta as the airline looks to understand its efficacy in the real world before potentially expanding to other airports.

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