Metropolitan Airport News 

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey today announced the start of operations at a new construction support facility at John F. Kennedy International Airport that will eliminate more than 300,000 truck trips across local streets by shifting to the use of barges to move material to and from the historic $19 billion airport redevelopment.

The first barge to deliver material to the airport’s construction support facility was unloaded today at a dock along Bergen Basin, on the western edge of the airport, across from the Hamilton Beach neighborhood in Queens. That single barge eliminated the need for nearly 200 trucks to carry the equivalent load. Altogether, over the life of the redevelopment project, surrounding communities will be spared an estimated 1.5 million miles of truck travel – enough to circumnavigate the Earth 60 times.

The construction support facility will perform multiple functions throughout the redevelopment of JFK International Airport, including concrete production at an on-site batch plant, operation of a concrete crushing facility to recycle construction debris that will be repurposed for new construction, and a marine transport facility to move construction material to and from the airport via local waterways.

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