Airport World - Santiago Beron

Santiago Beron reminds airports about the importance of identifying all existing cables before commencing expansion projects based on TLC Engineering Solution’s experience at two Florida gateways.

Something as simple as cutting a fibre optic cable, for example, can bring operations to a halt as it can impact security, communications, baggage handling and check-in operations.

Improvements to aging physical infrastructure represent some of the greatest opportunities for disruptions. Moving services, gates, and terminals that can date back 40 years and include a sea of electrical, copper, and fibre optic cables powering all operations, becomes a complicated process because of the unknowns hidden underneath the surface of those cables.

While not at the forefront of most airport infrastructure improvements, cable identification at the start of a construction project is vital to projects in a continuously operating facility like airports.

Diligently planning and researching the services supported by the highways of cables running through facilities gives teams a road map to how and where cables can be moved safely during projects. As case studies show, such work can avoid disruptions and help airport managers perform infrastructure repairs quickly and effectively.

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