Mediannama - Vallari Sanzgiri

Using facial recognition for ‘security’ can be flawed and severely impact rights and freedoms, as shown by an Indian’s ordeal

A Noida-based businessman travelling to Switzerland was wrongly detained by the UAE authorities in Abu Dhabi on October 11, 2022, reported Hindustan Times. As per the report, the airport authorities claimed Praveen Kumar’s face matched with a ‘wanted criminal’ as per their face recognition software (FRS). Kumar and his wife Usha were on a week-long leisure trip to Switzerland with a connecting flight from Abu Dhabi, offered by the company. However, Usha said the immigration authorities at the connecting airport confiscated their passports and visas and took them to a separate room. The couple’s family members frantically tweeted about the situation to S Jaishankar, Union External Affairs Minister, and other senior officials of the ministry for help. But instead, the ordeal continued when the couple returned to India. As per the report, Kumar said that the CID

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