Green Air News - Tony Harrington 

A new market report by SkyNRG, the Amsterdam-based global provider of sustainable aviation fuels, predicts that both the US and Europe will fall short of their 2030 SAF targets unless production capacity is increased and fuel feedstock sources are expanded, and estimates the need for more than 450 new facilities to meet the 2050 goals of both markets. The report says current US announcements of SAF production rely predominantly on the availability of fats, oils and greases (FOGs), and corn ethanol, “with an optimistic perspective on the availability of FOGs”. It believes a lack of production incentives will limit use of alternative Power-to-Liquids (PtL) SAF in the US  “despite its vast potential”. In Europe, it estimates there will be sufficient SAF to meet demand until 2027, as long as currently announced production capacity is delivered and some renewable diesel facilities also produce SAF. But it expects SAF supply in Europe and the UK will not be sufficient to meet mandated volumes by 2030 without more production capacity or imports.

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