Passenger Terminal Today - Elizabeth Baker

The UK’s Manchester City Council, Manchester Airport and local police forces have reassured residents in communities surrounding the gateway that they will tackle inconsiderate and illegal parking.

Following recent reports of poor practice by some unofficial parking companies operating near the airport, Cheshire Constabulary launched Operation Cicero in June 2022, with the aim of identifying any wrongdoing and taking enforcement action where appropriate. According to the airport, rogue firms have previously caused problems in the Wythenshawe area, leaving vehicles for long periods of time on residential streets, despite claiming they would be stored securely.

The airport is also taking action to combat congestion caused by the increased number of taxis and private hire vehicles traveling to and from the airport at the height of the summer season by operating a dedicated waiting area for drivers to use in between jobs so that vehicles don’t have to park up in neighboring residential areas. The cost of this waiting area has been halved during the school summer holiday peak, meaning taxi drivers can wait for three hours with just a £1 (US$1.21) contribution to the facility’s upkeep. Additionally, private hire firms are being contacted directly by the airport with details of how they can take advantage of this scheme during the summer holidays. The airport will consider renewing the scheme over subsequent busy periods if it proves successful.

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