Construction Enquirer - Grant Prior

Mace is using a robot dog on a tunnel refurbishment job at Heathrow Airport to avoid slips and trips in dark underground conditions.

The project team has nicknamed the dog ‘Dave’ at Heathrow where Mace is refurbishing and updating mechanical and electrical services on a luggage and cargo transport tunnel.

Dave is a robot developed by Boston Dynamics equipped with a Trimble X7 scanner to provide 3D laser scans during work on the 1960’s tunnel.

The robot dog allows the project team to safely retrieve data from the building site which is then used alongside 3D models and augmented reality to track accuracy and progress on the construction work.

Dave is increasing safety by reducing trips, slips and accidents in hazardous, dark, or slippery locations. It is also improving efficiency on site as the scans taken by the robot are fast and accurate.

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