AOA Summer 2021 Magazine

Alberto Martin, CEO of London Luton Airport, says the Government should act to cut the cost of Covid-19 testing and airport border queues and add new countries to the green list as soon as it is safe to do so.

He expects that the effect of this month’s announcement by the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, about the resumption of international travel will be “very limited”, pointing out that his airport only flies to four of the twelve countries on the Government’s green list of safe countries.

Martin’s checklist of further steps that he would like to see the Government take includes:

- action to make Covid-19 tests more accessible and cheaper, with current test costs meaning that many people might not be able to afford to travel.

- measures to ensure that the flow of passengers at the border is safe, smooth and efficient.

- adding countries to the approved green list as soon as the criteria are met.

- and working with the EU and other countries to agree on internationally harmonised standards for testing and vaccine certification.

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