Simple Flying - Luke Bodell

Construction will begin next summer pending approval and take around three years to complete.

London Stansted Airport (STN) has announced its proposal for a terminal extension involving a three-bay extension to the back of its existing terminal building. The project would create a larger departure lounge, upgraded facilities and more amenities for passengers.

The expansion will enable Stansted to incorporate the latest technology into its check-in and security areas in the form of state-of-the-art check-in equipment and next-generation scanners - the airport has already been trialing new computer tomography (CT) security equipment ahead of a UK-wide rule change on liquids coming next summer.

An expanded security hall will provide space for more security lanes to speed up the process and cater to the airport's anticipated growth, while the airport's baggage system capacity will also receive a boost. The enlarged passenger departure lounge will ultimately translate to more amenities - additional shops, restaurants and lounges - for travelers.

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