Simple Flying - Charlotte Seet

More than 5 million passengers traveled through London's Heathrow International Airport in April, with outbound leisure passengers cashing in on airline travel vouches to speed up the recovery in passenger demand as the airport forecast an estimated 53 million passengers to be handled this year.

Still, Heathrow asks that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) raise its passenger charges by more than 56% despite the promising numbers. Additionally, the airport is not going to forecast paying any dividends to its shareholders this year, citing its expectations to remain lossmaking throughout this year as a reason, according to Heathrow's Chief Executive Officer John Holland-Kaye...

Unsurprisingly, airlines have not responded well to the exponential increase in passenger charges. Led by former Treasury official Matthew Oakley, major international carriers such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) had commissioned a report to debunk Heathrow's reasoning for the price hike.

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