Passenger Terminal Today - Elizabeth Baker

Due to increased passenger demand, London Heathrow Airport has opened 12,000 vacancies and 1,000 new security officer positions as a part of its updated local employment program known as the Local Recovery Plan.

The renewed Local Recovery Plan has been designed to support the local community through jobs, skills development and education. As part of this recruitment drive, the airport has also extended its London Living Wage pledge to its entire direct supply chain, moving a further 1,300 people onto the starting rate for entry-level positions.

Alongside this, the airport’s Heathrow Employment and Skills Academy has assisted job seekers with advice and support and has achieved a 77% interview-to-offer rate for jobs brokered through the initiative.

The airport has pledged £100,000 (US$125,000) in apprenticeship levy transfers and supported 200 students with additional learning needs at Harrow College & Uxbridge College to participate in an essential skills masterclass. To build on these efforts, stakeholders will be brought together through the Heathrow Local Recovery Forum to agree targets on future actions.

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