Foreword from our CEO

All businesses, but particularly aviation businesses, have an obligation to their community to limit the environmental footprint of their operations. Leeds Bradford Airport’s “Net Zero Carbon Roadmap” is our commitment to long term, sustainable airport operations.

There is no longer a question over whether the decisions we take have an impact on the climate of our planet. The increasing incidence of extreme weather events, the rapid warming of the planet and the melting of polar ice caps are a direct signpost of the severity of the challenges we all face in the future.

As an airport we are committing to eliminate, before the 31st December 2030, all carbon emissions under the direct control of the airport. , That is those emissions classified as Scope 1 or Scope 2 emissions, with the offsetting of any residual emissions as a last resort.

Our “Net Zero Roadmap” is a detailed, robust and deliverable plan for how we are going to achieve that commitment. We accept that the vast majority of emissions related to the operations of the airport are those related to flights into and out of the airport and those related to ground transportation to and from the airport, which we as the airport operator do not control.

We are committed to working with our airline partners and our customers to support them in reducing their environmental impact and ensuring that we provide the infrastructure, services and incentives they need to successfully implement their own sustainable aviation pathways.

We are proud of the efforts of our leading airlines; Jet2, Ryanair and KLM, who are all making large investments in sustainability and supporting the development of technologies and business processes, to reach a net zero outcome by 2050. We acknowledge the leadership shown by Leeds City Council and Bradford Council in declaring a climate emergency and Leeds City Council, in particular, for their commitment to being carbon neutral by 2030 as a catalyst for Leeds Bradford Airport’s “Net Zero Roadmap”.

Vincent Hodder Chief Executive Officer


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