Passenger Terminal Today - Elizabeth Baker

Airline JetBlue has broken ground on the US$4.2bn Terminal 6 project at John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport in New York.

Terminal 6 will connect with JetBlue’s current home at Terminal 5, adding gates and opportunities for the airline to add flights, destinations and partner airline connections. The partners will build the 365,760m2 (1,200,000ft2 ) international terminal on the airport’s north side. According to estimates, the project will create approximately 4,000 jobs, including 1,800 union construction jobs and direct wages of US$1.9bn. With hiring ongoing throughout the company, more than 7,000 JetBlue crew members are now based at JFK Airport.

The terminal will be developed in two phases, with the first new gates opening in 2026 and construction completion in 2028.

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