Airport Technology - Peter Nilson

The Airspace Change Organisation Group has published a new environmental strategy as part of the journey to modernise UK airspace

The Airspace Change Organisation Group (ACOG) published a new environment strategy on 23 September 2022, as part of the UK’s Airspace Modernisation Strategy (AMS ). 
The new plan sets out how changing UK airspace is helping to deliver a near-term contribution to the Government’s ‘Jet Zero’ commitments for the sector, while also reducing noise pollution where possible and freeing up regulated airspace for other airspace users. 

It also provides ACOG with a platform to engage with airports and policymakers on how the industry can embed environment-led practices within aviation, which it is hoped will aid in reducing carbon emissions and noise impacts from aircraft. 

ACOG was formed in 2019 as a fully independent organisation within NATS (formerly known as National Air Traffic Services ), under the direction of the UK Government Department for Transport and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA ). 

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