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European aviation industry hails the inclusion of SAF as a strategic decarbonisation technology in the EU’s Net Zero Industry Act (NZIA)

Reacting to the inclusion of SAF as a ‘strategic net zero technology’ under the EU Net Zero Industry Act, the five leading European aviation associations (A4EACI EuropeASDCANSO Europe and ERA)  representing Europe’s airlines, airports, civil aeronautics industry and air navigation service providers – which are close partners through the DESTINATION 2050 alliance – are calling on EU policymakers to go further to ensure Europe develops a world leading SAF industry that will be crucial for European aviation to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050 in line with EU climate ambitions.

The inclusion of SAF in the NZIA is all the more timely following the release of the EU’s recommendation to update the 2040 climate targets this week. The European Commission’s communication recommending the new target expressly recognised the need to address barriers to SAF deployment at scale, giving the aviation sector priority access to feedstocks and putting incentives in place to close the price gap between SAF and conventional kerosene.

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