Passenger Terminal Today - Elizabeth Baker

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has launched the IATA Environmental Assessment for Airports and Ground Service Providers (IEnvA for GSPs).

IEnvA is an environmental management system based on standards and best practices that were built in collaboration with airlines, airports, ground service providers, IATA and sustainability experts. The programs are designed to enable participants to build robust environmental management plans with continual performance improvements. It complies with ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) requirements. IEnvA for airports and GSPs will make use of IEnvA oversight, governance and quality control processes and will include the provision of standards and recommended practices, training access, readiness workshops and external assessment. IEnvA for Airports and GSPs is an expansion of the IEnvA for Airlines program. Approximately 50 airlines are part of the IEnvA program, with 34 of them fully certified while the others are in the process.

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