Simple Flying - Linnea Ahlgren

The proper functioning of an airport’s terminals and runways is paramount in ensuring the smoothness of operations and making certain planes can land and take-off without potentially life-threatening incidents. But how do airport operators make certain they can handle aircraft and their passengers without actually having any planes?

For instance, before the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport Willy Brandt (BER) opened in October last year, the airport enlisted around 9,000 volunteers to put its facilities through their paces. 

They also received luggage corresponding to the events they had been assigned. Following regular passenger-related narratives, including check-in, security, boarding – and ‘canceled’ flights – they were invited to provide feedback, including where they saw room for improvement.

Essential services such as Air Traffic Control also run simulations, training, and checks for a long time leading up to an airport’s opening. Cyber security software is tested and implemented, along with other IT systems.

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