International Airport Review - Ioanna Papadopoulou

Ioanna Papadopoulou, Director, Communications & Marketing at Athens International Airport speaks with International Airport Review, discussing the imperative use of artificial intelligence and new technology to ensure a modern, seamless and personalised passenger experience for customers.

Research indicates that a passenger’s airport experience is built on perception and expectations and the airport’s ability to meet, or exceed, these expectations during each interaction at the various touch points, as well as through the products and services offered. Each interaction – where the airport meets, or fails to meet, a passenger’s expectations – generates a subconscious emotional reaction. Athens International Airport (ATH) embarked, during the second term of 2021, on an exciting journey to measure subconscious drivers of passenger experience using artificial intelligence (AI). 

The AI model built by PathosAI, a Canadian tech company with whom we collaborated, measures human emotions from what passengers say (text), how they say it (voice/tone) and how they move (non-facial body movements). The intensity, nature, and type of emotions determine the importance the passenger assigns to an interaction and how the overall experience works for them. 

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