AOA Airport Operator Magazine | Winter 2022


When planning this edition of the Airport Operator, I had hoped to write about the AOA’s plans for the coming year. 

I think it is worth highlighting how the AOA uses a range of channels to make the case for the sector. First and foremost, of course, is working directly with officials in government. AOA Policy Director, Christopher Snelling, and AOA Policy Manager Rupinder Pamme lead on this side of our work. This involves gathering the evidence of the impact of the pandemic, working with airports and others in our industry on submissions to UK and devolved Ministers and officials on our proposals for a way out of restrictions while at the same time trying to keep an eye on other issues that remain important.

On the public affairs side, the AOA works with Parliamentarians in the four UK nations informing them of our views. This is both through direct communication, including many Teams and Zoom calls, as well as by being an active member of various Parliamentary groups. In Westminster that’s the All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Future of Aviation, chaired by Henry Smith MP, and in Holyrood that’s the Cross-Party Group on Aviation, CoConvened by Paul McLennan MSP and Graeme Simpson MSP. 

Another way of reaching both Government and Parliamentarians, is through the media. Politicians naturally care about public opinion and the media can be a good way to reach people regularly, without necessarily having to meet with them. A number of newspapers are very supportive of aviation and regular discussions with them ensures that they know what industry is thinking. 

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