Airport World - Joe Bates

Heathrow today invited the SME community to reconnect with its multi-billion-pound supply chain, which it insists can be a part of the airport’s continued recovery, contributing to the local community’s growth and “global Britain’s prosperity”. 

The call comes as the airport announced the relaunch of its annual Business Summit. It has been three years since the 23rd edition took place in 2019, with proceedings postponed since the pandemic took hold.

Having sought feedback from the local community, this year’s Summit will set out a fresh vision for how SMEs can work with the airport.

Heathrow’s role as the largest employer in West London – with SMEs comprising over 40% of the airport’s supply chain – places the Summit as a unique opportunity for local SMEs to find out how they can work with larger suppliers and Heathrow itself as it continues to recover. 

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