Heathrow Airport is delighted to have recently launched their Lift Off concept.


Heathrow Lift Off is a new concept developed in 2022 as an additional way to attract and work with Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Lift Off will provide the chance for selected innovative SMEs to present their products and services to a panel made up of Heathrow and their largest supply chain partner organisations.


We are keen to support Heathrow on their new concept to find new innovative SMEs that can be put forward to their event called Lift Off.


If you are a Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) and have an interesting Sustainability product or service that you would like to present to a panel of Heathrow and its supply chain at the first Lift Off event in Q1, 2023, then please register and complete your submission by 7th December 2022 on their CompeteFor platform. www.competefor.com/heathrow


You can find more information about the Lift Off opportunity on Heathrow’s CompeteFor microsite https://www.competefor.com/heathrow/lift-off/


To register, go to www.competefor.com - ‘Lift Off - First Event - Extended deadline’. The deadline will now be 09:00 on 19th December.