Heathrow Airport

Heathrow launches new report: Sustainable Growth, Global Connectivity


“We visited every region in the UK to see how Heathrow’s global connectivity is helping to provide a gateway for businesses across the country. We witnessed first-hand what these benefits mean for every region and nation, and the role a sustainably growing Heathrow can play in the future.

This report brings together our new economic data and sustainability strategy into a single report. We wanted to showcase the entrepreneurship and talent to be found right across our country and celebrate the businesses that work with, and through, Heathrow.

Around 81 million passengers and £188 billion worth of cargo a year passed through our airport before the pandemic. Our unrivalled global links to the world’s growth markets, combined with our domestic route network, connects the nations and regions of the UK to global growth.

But Heathrow will never lose sight of the need for growth to remain sustainable. Social and economic benefits cannot come at any cost. That is why at Heathrow, we are taking the lead on aviation sustainability.

 We have worked with others across the industry to develop our sustainability strategy - Heathrow 2.0: Connecting People and Planet - and are taking action in our own airport.

Read our new report here to see the spirit of this UK-wide innovation and collaboration up close “